The child of two gardeners, I’ve been interested in gardening from the moment I discovered Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening on my parents’ bookshelf, many moons ago. I’ve done a lot of scratching in the dirt and growing things since then.

As I’ve matured as a gardener, I’ve increasingly come to appreciate gardens that offer beauty that’s far more than skin deep.

I love a garden that’s beautiful to look at and that gives back functionally:

  • Furnishing a pleasant place to connect with the outdoors for my family, as well as offering habitat value for birds, pollinators, and other life
  • Helping to preserve biodiversity
  • Providing ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration and watershed protection, rather than just taking them

That’s naming just a few of the functions that a garden can perform, while also looking lovely.

But I don’t see many gardens that fit that bill.

That got me thinking about why people wouldn’t garden in this manner, especially when it’s both easy and fun, and I wondered whether there was anything I could do to help get the word out. For all kinds of reasons, though, the idea for this blog remained a seed in cold storage for at least five years.

Enter coaching.

A wise, loving coach and (to quote her) a possibilitarian, Anastacia Brice helped me to give this seed of an idea what it needed to germinate and grow out into the light.

Thank you, Anastacia. ❤️



Header Image & Site Design

My beautiful header image was created by Charlie Chang. You can also find him at 99designs here.



For the header image, Charlie started with photography by Melissa LeGette on Unsplash and by jill111 on Pixabay, then brought his skill to bear to create something new and beautiful that perfectly communicated what I wanted it to.

It’s also Charlie’s keen design sense that provided the overall look for this blogsite. I started with something that was rather cluttered, visually. Charlie made a number of suggestions to streamline it and enhance the end-user’s experience. I hope you like the result and find it easy to read and navigate!

Charlie is a very skilled and intuitive designer. He heard what I said and brought his own artistic vision to it. I think the result is nothing short of magical! The pride and pleasure he took in his work was very evident throughout the design process and I highly recommend him.

Thank you, Charlie!