Today has been a roller coaster day. Have you ever had one of those?

We’re expecting several inches of snow tonight and tomorrow and I don’t know about you, but somewhere toward the end of February, I really start feeling done with winter. I’m ready for spring!

Good things still happen, though. Just check out who stopped by to visit today!

Isn’t he beautiful?

Not only that, he and a female came and had a snack of cornmeal-and-peanut-butter crumbles which Joel (my husband) had set out on the deck railing…which meant the opportunity of seeing them at really close range. No picture of that, though. Especially with the snow coming, we didn’t want to risk moving and possibly disturbing them at their meal . . . maybe making them reluctant to come back tomorrow when they could really use the supplemental food.

I just love bluebirds, maybe all the more for the fact that we only see them in our yard from time to time and so it’s a real treat when they do show up.

Here’s another shot of this one, with a male house finch to his left.

Do you have any birds or other animals that make you want to jump up and down with gladness when they visit? Which are your favorites?